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Urban Beekeeping the Next Big Thing

Oddly enough, some of the best honey in the world is produced in big cities. On roof tops, patios, or in community gardens beehives are cropping up in unexpected places. Four star hotels are producing their own honey, the ultimate in localvore gourmet food.

Read some of these recent stories in the news to get a flavor of what is going on in the middle of some of the largest cities.

Bee-keeping, Paris style

Michelle Obama Inspires Urban Beekeeping

In New York, Seriously Local Honey

Beekeeping is Becoming Latest Trend in D.C.

Famous San Francisco Hotel Busy as a Bee

Release the swarms. Beekeeping now legal in Minneapolis

Nonprofit project converts vacant lot into urban apiary

Pittsburgh's Burgh Bees creates a buzz about urban beekeeping

Vancouver gives green light to beekeeping

Fairmont Hotels Get Into Beekeeping

The buzz at the InterContinental

Honeybees create a rooftop buzz

The English Encourage Urban Beekeeping

Paris fast becoming queen bee of the urban apiary world

Buzz spreads on urban beekeeping

Honey from roof-top hives helps create a real buzz around urban bee-keeping

France's best honey: from the Paris rooftops?

New York City Moves to Lift Ban on Beekeeping

Paris rooftops abuzz with beekeeping

Urban beekeeping generates buzz

In buzzing urbs, real hives revive

The buzz: Urban beekeepers are a growing colony

The Perfect Pursuit In This Urban Hive

How sweet it is. The economics of beekeeping in Oakland










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