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Honeybee Genome Information

Recent discoveries making news

honeybee genome

Nature Focus on the Honeybee genome

Science Reports on the Bee Genome

BeeSpace Information Resources

Honeybee Genome Sheds Light on "Killer" History, Bee Secrets

Honeybee Genome May Shed Light on Social Evolution

Social Honeybee Shares Genetic Secrets

Honeybee sex gene discovered

Bees' genes match their jobs

Genomic Analysis in the sting-2 Quanitative Trait Locus for Defensive Behavior in the Honey Bee

DNA triggers beehive air-conditioning


Sequencing the Honeybee Genome

News from University of Illinois

NHGRI Prioritizes Next Organisms to Sequence

Proposal for the Sequencing of the Honey Bee: White Paper

Dogs, bees in gene-mapping contest. Race is on to determine which creatures to decode next Wall Street Journal


First draft of honey bee genome assembled 1/7/04

Scientists Tap Bee Genome Map for Improved Traits 2/3/04


Honeybee Genomics

Making sense of the sequence.

NCBI Honey Bee Genome Resources

Institute for Genomic Biology- BeeSpace

From Society to Genes - Explore Gene Robinson's Lab, University of Illinois

Honey Bee Genome Project - current progress from Baylor College of Medicine

Honeybee Genomics- Greg Hunt, Purdue University

The Beenome site Jay Evans, USDA Beltsville Lab

What is a Genome? - National Center for Biotechnology Information

Basics of Genome Mapping

A beginner's guide to genomic science


Molecular Biology

Working with the molecules of life.

What is Molecular Biology - National Center for Biotechnology Information

A Beginner's Guide



Where biology, computers, and information technology meet.

What is Bioinformatics - National Center for Biotechnology Information

BeeSpace Concept Navigator- Powerful new tool to search scientific literature- PDF tutorial


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