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Varroa Sensitive Hygiene (VSH) Breeders Forum

Scouts behave as streakers in honeybee swarms

Secret of Bees' Honeycomb Revealed

Parasites Change Bees Brains, but Not Their Behavior

Gene That Helps Honey Bees Find Flowers (and Get Back Home) Discovered

Acaricide, Fungicide and Drug Interactions in Honey Bees

Comparative toxicity of acaricides to honey bee workers and queens.

Genetics seen at root of honeybee life

Bees, the efficient errandmasters, beat computers in route-charting

Scientists find genes that help bees defend against mites

Honeybees harbor antibiotic-resistance genes

Honey-bees found to have bite that stuns

Sleep-deprived bees have difficulty relearning

Scientists Look to Use Bee's Brains to Control Flying Robots

Honey bees fight back against Varroa

Bees Given Red Wine Compound Eat Less, Live Longer

Flying Math: Bees Solve Traveling Salesman Problem

Bees Can 'Turn Back Time,' Reverse Brain Aging

Berlin is abuzz with mechanical 'robot' bees

Flowers provide grip for bees to hang on during pollination, study shows

Pesticide Turns Bees Into Picky Eaters

How gravity messes with honeybees' waggle dance

Daytime anesthesia gives bees jet lag

Bees' waggle dance disrupted by gravity

Honey's effects on human evolution excite UNLV anthropologist

Bees 'self-medicate' when infected with some pathogens

Honeybees Benefit From Queen's Promiscuity

To Kill Predators, Japanese Honeybees Surround Them in a 'Hot Defensive Bee Ball'

Honey bees in need of greater genetic diversity

Honeybees May Have Personality

Asian Honey Bees Defend Colony By Teaming Up & Shaking Their Bellies

Bee hive hums recorded to monitor insects' health

Honeybee deaths linked to seed insecticide exposure

Social or solitary: It's in bees' genes

House-hunting honey bees work like complex brains

Rarest of all bumblebees rediscovered in New Mexico mountains

Honey bee mystery protein is a freight train for health and lifespan

Microbe Research Harnesses Power of DNA Mapping Tools to Explore Metabolism and Disease

B.C. researchers trying to build a better bee to save species

Corte Madera scientist seeks help to save nation's bees

Bees' role in superbug fight

Bee Hackers Help Hives With Unconventional Tools

Leading entomologist and bee expert awarded prestigious 2011 Tyler Environmental Prize

Bee sensor picks up queen bee's farewell vibes

Pheromone increases foraging honey bees, leads to healthier hives

Bees follow polarised light through a maze

Flower Sharing May Be Unsafe for Bees

Sleepless honey bees miscommunicate, too

Robots imitate honey bees for aircraft aerobatics

Bees Reveal Nature-Nurture Secrets: Extensive Molecular Differences in Brains of Workers and Queen

Tiny Bee Brains Beat Computers at Complex Math Problems

Even bees lose their memory

Research shows honey bees change their circadian rhythms

Marla Spivak wins MacArthur Fellowship Award

Bees Work Wonders When Babies Need Them

Scientist of the Week: Dennis vanEngelsdorp

Brain gene expression changes when honey bees go the distance

Honeybees 'cleverer in the morning'

Giving Robotic Flight More Buzz: Bee Study Could Improve Micro Air Vehicle Agility in Wind Gusts

Honey as an Antibiotic: Scientists Identify Secret Ingredient That Kills Bacteria

Study links bee decline to cell phones

Uncovering the intelligence of insects

At German Airports, Bees Help Monitor Air Quality

Honeybees survive for millennia in Sahara desert oasis

Pollinators focus of international conference

Ancient bees found in Israel hailed from Turkey

Honeybees: 3D images reveal life inside a live hive

Bees show off the perfect landing

Wiggling and waggling: Study sheds light on amazing bee brain

MSU research may lead to new ways to control honeybee parasite

Bigger Brain Does Not Mean Higher Intelligence






The latest news on Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)

Bee Health
This is the best site for comprehensive info on CCD

Genetic diversity affects colony survivorship in commercial honey bee colonies

Are Honeybees Losing Their Way?

Early Snowmelt Confuses Birds and Bees

Bees and butterflies in mysterious decline

Antibiotic resistance killing off bees?

Oregon governor's bees abandon hive

Varroa mite wreaks havoc in Swiss bee colonies

Helping honey bees help themselves

The Secret Life of Beekeepers

Wipeout threat for NZ bees

Biologists tag "zombees" with radio trackers to monitor parasitic infection

Beekeepers concerned about aerial mosquito sprays

Buzz kill: discoveries about the health of BC's bees

Help Honey Bees Survive This Winter

Zombie honeybees found lurking on Google campus

Beekeepers request help from WV Legislature

Bees dying from agricultural chemical: EPA won't act

Beekeepers Feel the Sting of Climate Change

Impact of Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

Beekeepers Worried About Aerial Pesticide Spraying

It's a hard, cold world for honeybees

Zombie bees found in S.F. Chronicle hives

Serendipity, ZomBees and Citizen Science

Resistant bees just one way to fight varroa

EPA Bails on Bees, Rejects Petition to Ban Pesticide

No zombie bees in Chronicle rooftop hives

NZ Beekeepers face new threat from varroa mite

UNLV researchers fight disease affecting honeybees

Online beekeeping course strengthens honey bee population

Bees dead and gone in next to no time

A lose-lose scenario: Killing honeybees to grow white refined sugar

Bees at risk from chemicals increase, scientists say

Corn Planting Drift is Killing Honey Bees. You Can Help. Here's How.

Texas beekeepers bemoan declining honey bees

Four days in April deadly for bees

Bayer: Pesticide Profits or Bees?

Oregon's bees holding their own against colony collapse disorder as spring crops await prime bee time

Studies fault Bayer in bee die-off

Research Strengthens Link Between Pesticides and Colony Collapse Disorder

Controversy Deepens Over Pesticides and Bee Collapse

Is corn syrup killing the honeybees?

A Pasco County beekeeper knows why bees are dying and colonies are collapsing

Common pesticide makes honeybees get lost and reduces bumblebee hive weight, new studies say

Studies say commonly used pesticide may harm bees

Take Action: Tell Congress to Protect Pollinators from Pesticides

Honey Bee Death and the Willamette Valley -Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)

Warm weather creates worries about bees

Honey bees are making a slow comeback

Beekeepers ask EPA to suspend use of pesticide that may be harmful to bees

Pesticides, Plus...says Mussen

Bee Colony Collapse Disorder Linked To Corn Insecticide

Mild winter has proven fatal for countless N.J. honeybees

China: Demise of bees disrupts pollination

Maker of Controversial Insecticide Launches "Bee Care Centers". Should We Celebrate?

Africanized bees, climate and disease killing Mexico's honey

Save our bees: scientists reveal the plants that could halt bee decline

Farm conservation changes put bees at risk

Have Bees Become Canaries In the Coal Mine? Why Massive Bee Dieoffs May Be a Warning About Our Own Health

Bee Team reducing colony deaths in California

Pesticide Toxic to Bees and Aquatic Life Contaminates Surface Waters

New bee threat more media hype than reality

Honeybee problem nearing a 'critical point'

Honey Bee Losses Impact Food System and Economy

Fly parasite not a major threat to honey bees

Deadly parasite turns Bay Area honeybees into zombie slaves

In search of a better bee

Bees, befriended

To bee or not to bee: the threat to Australian food crops

Poison in Poisoned Florida Hives Identified

Hunt On For Honey Bee Killer

Massive bee kill in south Brevard caused by insecticide

Beekeepers help fight loss of colonies

Beekeepers ask Boulder County to ban class of pesticides

Hives' mite problem exposed by 'sugar roll'

The Pollinator Crisis: What's Best for Bees?

Antibiotic dangers trap bees in a Catch 22

Real Numbers On Pesticide Losses

Bayer Volunteers To Remove Imidacloprid From Almonds

COLONY COLLAPSE DISORDER: USDA gives nearly $3.4m toward bees' health

Farmers nationwide plant bee-friendly habitat to attract native pollinators, bolster honeybees

Invasion! Beware the killer hornet

Florida investigates death of millions of honey bees

Monsanto buys bee-friendly pesticide researcher

Tough times for bees

Multiple causes suspected in decline of Iowa bees

Sting in the tail: Asian bee invasion

Lebanese beekeepers feel the sting as hives collapse

Saskatchewan beekeepers receiving $370K

New Pest Killing Bee Hives In Hawaii

'Citizen Scientists' To Help Gauge Wild Bee Population

Crippled bee population might be saved by super breeding

Breeding Bees for Mite Resistance

An insect expert joins the race to beat deadly pests that threaten Hawaii's bee colonies

Warming climate causes honeybees to oversleep flower bloom

As bee colonies die, beekeepers face challenge finding replacements

Viruses are 'new normal' for honey bees: study

Hybrid could give bees an edge in mite fight

Honey bee losses continue to hit beekeepers

Latest Colony loss report from the USDA

Are cell phones a cause of disappearance of bees?

Hard-hit honeybees can't get a break

Beekeepers Battle 'Perfect Storm'

Honeybees Continue to Struggle in Virginia

Pollinate This! -- Documentarians Investigate Colony Collapse Disorder

Is a Pesticide Harming All Those Bees?

Australia continues effort eradicate Asian honey bees

Protecting the pollinators

New technique could help explain why bee populations are declining

The Tiny Parasite That's Decimating Bee Populations

World bee decline signals 'sixth major extinction'

World's bees face multiple threats warns UN report

Asian honey bees threatening honey production and food crops

Invasive bee feared as next cane toad

Nation had more bees and honey last year, USDA says

Health of honeybees should be considered first

Honey Made Close to Modified Crops May Need Regulatory Approval

Polluted perfume could put pollinators off the scent

Australia Abandons Search For Asian Bee Import Ban MUST become Permanent

Some species of bees getting a bad rap

New research on honeybee illness

British Beekeepers Association Endorses Bee-Toxic Pesticides for Cash

Infographic of the Day: Who Cares if Honey Bees Are Dying?

Hawaii beekeepers blame dead hives on state

Relationship of honey bees and pesticides

Big Island Beekeepers survey the damage caused by pests

Bees in freefall as study shows sharp US decline

Movement and threat of RNA viruses widespread in pollinator community

Make the Australian Bee Ban Permanent, An Editorial.

Scientists launch fightback against mite that is wiping out our bees... by making it self-destruct

Honey bee concerns denied by Bayer CropScience, defends flawed study

Worry about bees persists

Mich. beekeepers worry efforts to kill invasive plant will destroy important source of nectar

USDA Releases 2010 Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder Progress Report

The EPA approved a pesticide against advice of its own scientists

Timeline of a Bee Massacre: EPA Still Allowing Hive-Killing Pesticide

EPA Can't Tell Difference Between "Beekeeper" and "Bee-killer"

Wik-Bee Leaks: EPA Document Shows It Knowingly Allowed Pesticide That Kills Honey Bees

Beekeepers Ask EPA to Remove Pesticide Linked to Colony Collapse

Bees in Crisis -- A Comprehensive Situation Report

Local grower sets aside land as part of national effort to counter colony collapse with pollinator habitats

European Parliament in urgent call to save Europe's bees

Bee-grade politics: PR war has pollies buzzing

Recent Breakthrough May Help Combat Colony Collapse Disorder

Bees May Be Bellwether of Food Supply Challenges

Bee deaths worrying Turkish honey producers

Honeybee Mystery Solved? Not Quite, Say Bee Experts

Trouble in the Hive

New Demons Found. The CCD Trail Gets Much Warmer.

Australian Bees Supposedly Banned From U.S.

The National Honey Bee Disease and Pest Survey

Europe takes steps to battle bee decline

Bee careful! Honey bees need to be protected, not destroyed

Bee decline already have dramatic effect on pollination of plants

Bee deaths leave puzzling mystery (with video)

Answer to declining bee population sought in N.D. prairie

Honeybees And Sunspots

Honeybees need you to eat organics

Pesticides suspected of making bees sick

Aussie honey-bee breeders stung by secret ban

Genetically selected varroa-fighting bees on the way

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Beekeeping Stories

Buzz in NYC? Hobbyists Swarm to Beekeeping

Yonkers beekeepers buzz city for official approval

Va. grants support beehives in 2013

Berkeley plans to put a beehives into every middle school

Bees to become bigger business at Bayer CropScience center

Broomfield honey beehives on the move

Students learn about importance of bees through unique board game

Beekeeping the old way

Beekeeping in Mississippi a booming trend

Beekeeping laws can vary by ZIP code

Could Honeybees Be Trained to Authenticate Paintings?

How do-gooders threaten humble bee

Bees Work for Us at Home, in the Field

Duluth City Council considers allowing beekeeping in city

Beekeeping is year-round business for Baltimore couple

Bees on a bike: education by the mile

Keep bees in the city? Maybe if 'killers' have calmed down

Beehives of activity generate big buzz

The Beekeeper Next Door

Giving honey its due: hundreds of beekeepers gather in Burlington

Fairbanks buzz: Honeybees thrive in Golden Heart City

Not All Texans Enjoy a Bee Revival

Vt. abuzz with beekeepers

Beekeepers on the trail of the Asian Honey Bee

MSU hires beekeeping expert Jeff Harris

Abuzz about beekeeping in Los Angeles

Bee fans try to get Los Angeles to allow hives in residential areas

Sky Hive Gives Bees an Urban Dwelling

Can bees lead to a longer human life span?

Bees Can Teach Us A Whole Lot About Managing Risk

Can chemical-free backyard beekeeping stave off colony collapse?

Escaped Bees Bring a Visit From the Police

Cornell study: Bees are a big industry in the United States

Andrew Coté, NYC Beekeeper, on Urban Apiculture (And Getting Bees in His Nose!)

Pentagon Faces New Enemy: 10,000 Honey Bees

Honey of an exhibit: Everhart Museum explores the world of bees and relationship to human beings

'Bees and Honey' concert helps create buzz for photography exhibit

Louisiana beekeepers busy with a honey of a healthy business

Kenya: Bees to Sting Away Elephants From Farms in Voi

This Chinese Farmer Put on All these Bees for Nothing

Teen beekeeper nominated for state award

Breeding a better bee

Black honeybees rediscovered in Britain

Bees good for business

Comer appoints state apiarist whose wife owns beekeeping supplier

A honey of a business: Draper's Super Bee Apiaries buzzes with activity

Perry Township man discovers passion for bees

Bees play their part in scheme

Vista's Guy Hodges is 'hooked on bees'

Signs of Spring: Swarm of bees stops for break at Ashley Park

Bees and humans revel in record-setting warm weather

New York beekeepers quadruple

Hilo's student beekeepers receive scholarships

Urban beekeeping takes flight in Hub

Hives for hire

Bees weren't only buzz for San Francisco Giants in Arizona

Chimps and Bees Do It, But Is Democracy Natural?

What's the Buzz About at Atlanta's Park 75 Restaurant?

Can honeybees be good neighbors?

Watch out, the Monolithic Bees are coming to get us

Why California Almonds Need North Dakota Flowers (And A Few Billion Bees)

Louisburg woman ordered to give up backyard bees

Bulgarians pray for honey, health of bees

Beekeeping ban is lifted in Hammond

First lady gets Leno to try healthy foods

Firing of state beekeeper stings Kentucky's apiarist

Big Island Beekeepers Association Hosts Hands-on Training Class for Existing and New Beekeepers

Frederick couple hope bee technique causes swarm

A honey of a business

Bears destroy beehives

Beekeeper Mary Canning follows her sweet passion

Bees teach investors handy lessons

Chaotic swarm of regulations complicates booming beekeeping trend

Living fresh

Oak Park OKs beekeeping, outlines regulations

'Beeconomy' author, Ky.'s Tammy Horn, examines relationship between women, bees

Elephant and bee researcher nets green prize

Hotels get into beekeeping business

Bringing bees and business closer with corporate lessons from the beehive

St. Pete Animal Doc Is Also a Beekeeper

Philips concept beehive makes for happy urban bees, free honey

Forsyth raises big buzz in attempt to ban backyard beekeeping

Carol Ann Duffy – the newest of the bee poets

Kosher Honey: Making It a Sweet Rosh Hashanah With Bees

Bees: The beneficial bug

Backyard beekeepers are invaluable to neighboring gardeners

Why Would A Man Love Bees?

I'll Borrow Your Farm, You Keep My Bees

Bee Farm Program Takes Off at O'Hare Airport

Law firms create a buzz around corporate beekeeping

Marla Spivak: A Scientist With A Real Bee In Her Bonnet

Blessed Are the Beekeepers

It's National Pollinator Week (think bees); Buy local honey

Busy bees: More Coloradans tending backyard hives

Busy as bees

New Zealand Needs More Beekeepers

10,000 honeybees sweeten pot at golf course

Nature's Secret: Why Honey Bees Are Better Politicians Than Humans

Beekeeper spreads the word about honey bees

Beekeeping is growing in popularity

Buzzing for their fix

Economic impact of Arizona honeybees

A bees of work

Teen's backyard a hive of activity

Cold start for honey season in Idaho

It's a great time to be a honeybee in the city

Proposal to tax Calif. beekeepers stirs up swarm

Beekeeping: Somebody has to do it!

Beekeeping is a tough game of survival

IT'S BEE-ZY TIME OF YEAR Bees critical to success of almond crop

Farmers take fancy to bee keeping, courtesy Bt cotton

Beekeepers battle cold to keep hives healthy

Citrus growers excited about new seedless mandarin

Pollinating Local Is the New Buzz

Backyard bees: Hardworking friends, or annoying neighbors?

W. Ind. beekeepers derail proposed bee rules

Boulder County keepers: Let it bee

Ann Harman Winner of President’s Call to Service Award

Andrew Coté: Educator, Philanthropist, and the Bee's Knees

The crucial role cities can play in protecting the honeybee

Zen and the Art of Beekeeping Backwards: LA's Urban Beekeeping Movement

The Beekeeper Next Door

The Mystery of the Red Bees of Red Hook

The Secret life of Beekeepers

Local honey producer keeps South Dakota sweet

Middle class guilt fuels boom in beekeeping

DuPage opens Honey House to educate about bees

Africanized honey bees 101

Five Habits of Highly Effective Hives

Eager do-it-yourselfers master art of beekeeping

How Do Honey Bees Survive Winter?

She's a Genius for Honey Bees

Reports From the Hive, Where the Swarm Concurs

San Luis Obispo County officials oppose honeybees

Beekeepers protest 'imports'

Google's official beekeeper keeps the company buzzing with excitement

Bee-keeping, Paris style

Boy Scouts of America to Reinstate the Beekeeping Merit Badge

Biodetective Bees

Delta Junction bee business is California dreaming

See it to bee-lieve it: Bee beard featured at Honey Bee Festival

Marion beekeeper, 12, loves the honey money, and the bees

A bee story (with a difference)

Interview with Michael Krones of Hawaiian Queen Co (video)

The buzz at the InterContinental


Pure Honey

Honey & Bee Products News

Bees make After Eight honey after eating mint fondant

Blue and green honey makes French beekeepers see red

President Obama Not the Only One Drinking Honey Ale

The Latest Weapon in the War on Cancer: Honey Bees

Chinese honey importer sentenced to 2 years for evading import duties

Beehive extract may arrest prostate cancer

Pricing honey is sticky business for Md. beekeepers

Bee my Valentine

USDA reverses decision to cut agriculture reports

How to Kill with Honey

Funny Honey? Bringing Trust To A Sector Full Of Suspicion

What recession? Sioux City co-op can't keep up with honey demand

Chinese Honey Smuggled Into The US…Alleged Smugglers Caught, this time

Relax, Folks. It Really Is Honey After All

Honey: The 'bee penicillin' that could even beat MRSA

Honey will hive to be labelled 'contains pollen' under new EU rules

Manuka Honey Shows Potential For Radiation-Induced Dermatitis

EU bans GM-contaminated honey from general sale

Citrus honey production off to a weak start this season

Bees honey is behind new technique to help ulcers heal

Honey laundering: The sour side of nature's golden sweetener

Honey: An environmental marker

Companies hope sourcing will stem illegal honey

Honey Blossoms

Vallejo firm specializes in honey 'vintages'

Mixture prepared by honey bees possibly helps treat mouth ulcers

States expand efforts to combat 'funny honey'

Olympic medalist named Sue Bee Honey spokesperson

Meet the beekeeper who's championing the healing power of pure honey

Unhealthy bitter truths about honey in India

Feds charge German firm with 'honey laundering'

Variety the spice of life when it comes to honey

Chinese Honey Laundered In US Finally Caught

Honey is sweet, healthy, nearly immortal - & endangered

U.S. honey industry asks FDA for national purity standard

Chinese honey trade tainted by dirty dealings

Honey is fading from the marketplace

EU bans import of Indian honey

MRSA may have new enemy in bees, propolis

FDA: $32K worth of honey seized in Philadelphia

China accused of 'honey laundering' by US senator

Volcano Island Honey honored for green business practices

Honey Producers Stung By Honey-Flavored Syrup

Wis. maker of bee products to limit health buzz

Foreign honey oozes in

Video: Dr. Oz Demonstrates Bee Venom Therapy

US Honey Makers Take a Swat at Chinese Smugglers


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Bad Bee Journalism

The stories below are examples of inaccurate or distorted stories about bees. Can you spot the errors?

Sour news for sweet honey

Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn't Honey