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Non - Organic Beekeeping

Like much of agriculture today, commercial beekeeping is becoming more and more industrialized. This often means large numbers of beehives are managed by relatively few people. Consequently not as much time and care can be given to each individual colony of bees as in the past. In the last few years several new pests have appeared that require even more attention from the beekeeper. One result of this has been the adoption of chemical means of controlling pests, rather than using organic methods. Perhaps this type of management makes sense from an economic point of view when dealing with truckloads of bees. However for the small beekeeper it is better to avoid the problems of chemical contamination of hive products by using an integrated pest management (IPM) approach to keeping bees. We now have disease resistant strains of bees which perform well without the use of any chemicals in the hive. There are also other non chemical or at least low toxicity means of handling pests and diseases. We would Organic beekeepingencourage new beekeepers not to get started on the chemical treadmill, and to give organic beekeeping a try.

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